We are cigar connoisseurs and are on a mission to help consumers navigate the world of cigars.

Look, the cigar industry is obviously closely tied to the tobacco industry and the tobacco industry, as a whole is on a long-term downward trend. Which we might add is an extremely positive thing for our society and world.

In addition, smoking anything is not a healthy activity. To be more exact, the traditional method of smoking via lighting a combustable substance on fire and inhaling said air is not healthy.

We do not condone or push previously non-smokers or non-cigar users to pick up the habit because it’s cool or trendy. In fact, we’d strongly recommend non-cigar users to continue to stay far away. We’ll even go as far as to say that current habitual cigar users should seriously look at a vapor alternative as a way to eventually quit smoking entirely.

With all that being said, we all have an expiration date. Cigars have been in our culture for decades. Whether it’s a celebratory cigar or a cigar smoke filled poker room with your buddies, cigars have a place in our cultural vocabulary.

Therefore, Blondie Cigar is all about finding the best cigars on the market. We breakdown the best cigars of all shapes, sizes and types to find those that are worthy of your consideration.